Fanvil HT302-U Dual Wideband USB Headset in Kenya
Fanvil HT302-U Dual Wideband USB Headset Original price was: KSh 7,000.00.Current price is: KSh 5,500.00.
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Fanvil CM60 Portable HD USB Camera
Fanvil CM60 Portable HD USB Camera Original price was: KSh 12,000.00.Current price is: KSh 9,000.00.

Fanvil WF20 USB Wi-Fi Dongle

Original price was: KSh 4,000.00.Current price is: KSh 3,000.00.

  • Compatible with Fanvil X5S, X6, X7, X7C, X210, X210i (Only support 2.4Ghz/150Mbps)
  • – For X5S, X6, X210, X210i, upgrade to version of V1.10.10 or higher
  • – For X7, X7C, upgrade to the version of C1.0.10 or higher
  • Ease-of-use / Plug and play
  • High Transmission Rate / Lower Power Consumption
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Fanvil WF20 USB Wi-Fi Dongle

WF20 USB Wi-Fi Dongle is a low-power, small-factor device that can be implemented within offices for connecting their IP phones to available wireless networks. WF20, This dynamic plug-and-play style USB device is an ideal office networking solution for companies and smaller organizations seeking affordable, convenient, and reliable high-speed wireless connectivity. Supported by a powerful transmission rate of 150 Mbps, the solution is able to quickly and reliably establish Wi-Fi connectivity so that users can optimally communicate, collaborate, access pertinent documents and resources, and more. WF20 is safe, reliable, and easy to deploy, which guarantees a flexible and optimal user experience.

Product Features

  • Plug-and-Play Convenience: The WF20 is designed for easy setup and use. It can be quickly plugged into compatible devices, making it a hassle-free solution for office networking.
  • Affordable Networking Solution: This USB Wi-Fi dongle provides an affordable way for smaller organizations and businesses to establish high-speed wireless connectivity within their offices. It eliminates the need for extensive cabling or infrastructure upgrades.
  • Reliable High-Speed Connectivity: With a transmission rate of 150 Mbps, the WF20 offers a speedy and reliable wireless connection. This speed ensures that users can efficiently communicate, collaborate, access important documents, and utilize online resources without interruptions.
  • Enhanced Productivity: By enabling wireless connectivity for IP phones and other devices, the WF20 enhances productivity within the office. Users can stay connected to the network, make calls, and access information seamlessly, leading to improved work efficiency.
  • Safety and Security: The WF20 is designed with security in mind. It ensures that data transmitted over the wireless network is safe and protected, making it suitable for business use where data security is a concern.
  • Easy Deployment: Installing the WF20 is a straightforward process, and it doesn’t require complex configurations. This ease of deployment makes it a flexible solution for various office environments.
  • Optimal User Experience: The WF20 aims to provide a smooth and flexible user experience. It allows employees to connect to the network effortlessly, ensuring they can work efficiently and access the resources they need.



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